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    Bernard Tiller

    Sometime ago I received an email from Eileen and placed it in the contacts section of this site. Since then, many of her friends have been in contact.

    Eileen Crop

    My name is Eileen Tyrrell and I am an ex Tiller Girl from the 1940’s-1955. I danced at the Opera House, Blackpool, the London Palladium, Victoria Palace and in South Africa.

    I would love to locate Peggy Miller and Renee Walker. If anybody has any information on their whereabouts and can provide me with contact information, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Eileen Tyrrell

    Her granddaughter Kaitlyn has emailed some more information and photos. She tells me that Eileen’s scrapbook is wonderful, I hope to add more to this page in the future.

    Eileen kept an amazing scrapbook full of pictures of their eight month stay in South Africa and has dozens of newspaper articles about the girls with amazing titles such as “Tiller Girls Watched Rugby, Fans Watched Girls.” I really didn’t realize how big the girls were! My Nana’s face just lights up when she talks about her time with The Tiller Girls and it really means a lot to her that you keep this running! thanks again for all the great work you do !



    The Tiller Girls are with comedian Nat Jackley at the show “Out of this World” in Blackpool. Chris Bevis is on the left side of Nat. Eileen is the one on his right hanging onto his shoulder and Nat’s wife is directly in front of her.


    The Tiller Girls backstage at the Opera House in Blackpool. Eileen Tyrell is 4th in from the right.


    The Tiller Girls are performing in the “Black & White Number” at the London Palladium. My Eileen Tyrell is 8th in from the right.


    The Tiller Girls were on the beach in Durban, South Africa. Eileen Tyrrell is the one on the far right bending over. Their head girl Kay Lambert is the one jumping over her. Counting from the far left of the line: 4th is Margaret Anthony (Toni), 5th is Peggy Miller, 6th is Freda Collier, & 7th is Sandra Stevens.


    The Tiller Girls on their first day in Johannesburg, South Africa at the Killarney Club. Eileen Tyrell is on the far right.


    The Tiller Girls at the Imperial Hotel in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Eileen Tyrell is 7th in from the left.


    The Tiller Girls at the Killarney Club in Johannesburg, South Africa. This picture is very big so some of it got cut off, Eileen Tyrell is 7th in from the left. Note the signatures of all the girls under where they were standing.


    The Killarney Club in South Africa. They were holding props from a native war dance.


    The Tiller Girls in front of a poster advertising their arrival as soon as they got to Cape Town. Eileen Tyrell is 4th in from the left.

    Christine Bevis Photo

    1950’s Tiller Girls

    Back row, left to right:
    Unknown, unknown, Jean Perry, unknown, Maureen Hearn, Christine Bevis (me), Shirley Knight, Rosemary Lucas, Jacqueline Fleming, Nadine Brear, Pamela Payne.

    Middle row, left to right:
    Unknown, Jill Penson, Joyce Perkins, Eileen Tyrell, Ann Hinton, Maureen Robins, Margaret Neale (?), Joan Powell (head girl), Frankie Mulbregt, Jean Winder, Margaret Whitehouse.

    Front, left to right:
    Choreographer, pianist, Sheila Shearcroft (holding music), Peggy Miller.

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