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    Bernard Tiller

    Tiller Girls July 21st 1897 11897 Tiller Troupe

    I received an email from Mary Davies about her grandmother Lilly Macdonald who was a member of the 1897 Tiller Troupe in the photo above, Lilly is fourth from the left.

    Mary says she was surprised to see the picture on this site as she has a copy at home in her family documents. She says: “It was great to see this as I never actually met my Grandmother as she died before I was born”

    Lilly, was born in Salford around 1879 and died in 1940, although she was 20 years younger than my Grandfather, William Hearson Hosgood who was a member of the D’Oyley Carte Opera Company chorus. They had four sons, my dad William David was their third son, they lived in Roath, Cardiff.

    Lilly Macdonald 1 (otherwise Hosgood)1897Lilly (second from left) in 1897 cutting

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